Upcycle THIS: Demin Jacket

Found this little denim jacket hiding in the racks of a salvation army. I went in with an idea for denim vest to pair with a long skirt I got from Urban Outfitters on sale (amazing steal). Once I found a good fitting jacket I began brainstorming. I started by removing the sleeves and cutting out the back to sew in some lace. I’m currently in the market for some studs to put on the shoulders. It needs a few more things to make it just right, but I wanted to share my progress thus far. This is a pretty easy project! All you need is scissors, some lace, and a sewing machine, or just hand stitch!


This is the jacket found amongst the racks of Salvation Army.


Began by cutting the sleeves-This is a quick way to axe the sleeves. But a seam ripper could also be used.


Decided to find some lace to put on the back. I cut out the middle of the back along the seam and sewed a patch of lace in!


Finished product!! I did order some studs for the shoulders, so once those get here I will snap them in and it will be complete!


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