DIY Japanese Shutters-Dressing Screens

I’m sure you’ve seen those little screens people use as their own personal dressing room in their homes (maybe in movies?), but no one ever knows what to call them! The proper term is Japanese shutters and I am going to show you how to make your own! Living in an open apartment (studio style) has its perks but it can also make for difficult situations when you have guests. I created my own Japanese shutters so that I could separate the space between my bedroom and the rest of the apartment! Here is how I did it-VERY SIMPLE!


These are old window frames from my aunts house! Took two of them and zip tied them together in the middle then laid the fabric of my choice on the backside of it and cut to fit!


just a snap pic of the backside of the screen. Laying the fabric out and cutting it to fit. (leave a little space -more can always be cut off after)


Next, I cut little slits in the fabric to string the hemp through. You can use anything you want to string it, I just liked the look of the hemp! For the sides you will have to make one slit, but to tie around the middle bars I used two. Try not to make them too big or it will look like a bunch of little holes all over! 


Tie the string through the slits-leave some give in these knots as to not pull the fabric too taught.


Voila! This project took about 15 minutes. Simple, cheap, easy!


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