Hula Hoop DIY

Hello Blog World! I have been away for a bit working like crazy on new jewelry, getting the website up and running, and future plans for Upcycle. I am happy to say our vintage and handmade online shop is almost ready to launch and we’ve got some great new handmade products in store. I have expanded the handmade line when I was inspired by my newest hobby-hula hooping! Two years ago I began hula hooping after a close friend showed me all the amazing tricks she was able to do with a hoop. I began making my own hoops for sale locally and soon they will be available through my Etsy and online store! ( & I wanted to share with everyone how I make my hoops. It’s no secret, the most difficult part is taping it perfectly! Here is a step by step of my hoop creating process, I hope this helps other fellow hoop makers! If anyone would like to purchase a hoop made by me please send me an email at!

To begin: start with PVC pipe. (I purchased 100 ft of 120 psi 3/4 inch PVC pipe) Best to use either 3/4 inch or 1 inch PVC.


Grab some couplings (100 ft of PVC makes about 7-8 hoops, if you are getting 3/4 in pipe get 3/4 inch connectors-as seen below)


Measure it out! Hoop size should be at about your belly button- I like to make a variety of larger and smaller ones-the difference being the bigger the hoop, the slower it moves. (A slower hoop can be good for learning because it gives you time to play around but as you progress, a smaller hoop is ideal.)


After you measure it out, cut your hoop using PVC pipe cutters. ($20 at hardware store) A hack saw can also work as an alternative to the cutters. With a saw you may need to sand down the ends.


Next, heat up a pot of water and stick one end of the hoop in it for about 1 minute. After you take it out, insert the coupling. Repeat for the other side.


Once you have the coupling in, grab some electrical tape and cover the connector.


Now the fun part! Tape your hoop up! Best tapes to use are gaffe tape and decor tape. Not many local hardware stores sell this tape but a great site to use is! Make sure you grab enough tape for the amount of hoops you are making!

Personal tip: go slow with taping! Take your time and make sure you don’t wind up with creases or empty spaces. I personally like to cover the entire pipe with my base tape-usually a gaffe tape, and then add decor tape to layer!


Hope this helps any fellow hoop makers! If anyone would like to order one of my custom made hoops just send me an email @!