DIY Wednesday: Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes

This post is for all my fellow Halloween enthusiasts who like me, didn’t have much time or money to spend on their costume this year. Store bought costumes can be expensive and sometimes the homemade route becomes quite time consuming. This post is for all you last minute DIY-ers looking for a quick and good Halloween costume. I’m not talking bunny ears or a cat nose either. I want to show you guys how to make killer costumes that look like they took weeks, in 1 day! Lets start with my costume I just made for this year, Edward Scissorhands:

What you will need:
1 package shiny plastic knives
1 pair thin black gloves
1 roll black electrical tape
1 black outfit (tank&pants/jumpsuit/whatever you please)
4-7 black belts (variety is best!)
1 black straggly wig (or rock your own hair!)

The gloves: making these gloves is not as difficult as you may think.

1-take black gloves and put them on
2-place knife on side of finger
3-use electrical tape to secure
4-repeat for each finger until, voila! You have Scissorhands!


Next, the belts! I used a variety of black belts with silver loops and large buckles. I used 6 belts total, I would suggest using as many as you want! If you can only find dark denim belts in the style you want, don’t fear, dye is here!

Optional step:

You can grab color dye at any fabric/craft store for a couple dollars and it will take about 20 minutes to complete this process.

Just follow the box instructions to dye!


Last step: throw it all together!

I purchased a “rocker” black wig for $20 at the Halloween store. This is optional but unless you have black hair I suggest springing for it, it really made the costume work.

Makeup: use a dark eyeliner pen that won’t run to draw cuts along face and arms (I also added sparkle eye liner to make them really POP!)

The final outcome:


Not feeling the scissorhands? Thats OKAY Here are a couple more quick ideas

Pictured right is a friend of mine who decided to be a tooth fairy. I helped her get this costume together in 1 day!

What you will need:

1-light blue/white dress

2- Tutu (any dance store will have these for a reasonable price)

3- 1 pkg. plastic tooth brushes

4- plastic tiara (party store $10-15)

For tooth wand:

1-tin foil

2-news paper

3- flower

4-metal rod

5-20 gauge wire

How to:

-Tutu: Attach plastic tooth brushes around tutu using a loose string/thread

-Wand:Paper mache a tooth:

mix water and flower to create paste

Form tooth out of tin foil and cut up strips of newspaper

Dip paper into paste and place on tinfoil tooth until smoothed and covered

Let dry for 12-24 hrs in sun (use a fan to speed up drying time) -do not use heat to speed drying time

Attach tooth to wand using a thing 20 gauge wire (craft stores-$5) to keep in place

One more quick idea!

The White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland)

What you will need:

Rabbit Ears (or a cardboard equivalent)

Maroon Vest -try Salvation Army!

Pocket Watch- again, vintage and second hand shops are the best places to find these!

1 pair of those genie pants (I call them MC Hammer pants) in a bright yellow

Viola! The White Rabbit!

Feel free to comment with ideas you have if you want some tips to DIY quick, cheap, and easy!

Happy Halloween!


DIY Wednesday: Decorative Pen Holder

Good morning fellow Upcyclers! Today we will be doing our first DIY Wednesday Project! Every Wednesday, we will post a new DIY project. Since we do focus on reinventing items we already own, most of these projects will involve doing just that.

I recently stumbled upon this picture on Pinterest, which sparked this DIY project idea:

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 9.35.24 PM










I LOVE the gold accent of the Mason jar and the crispness of the white flowers but I thought this project could use a bit more function. I don’t know about you, but I seem to have tons of pens scattered around my work desk on a daily basis. Not only are they messy, they’re not very flattering to the eye. I decided to put together this quick DIY project to (1) organize my workspace and (2) make my workspace a bit more eye-catching. Therefore, I am combining this gorgeous room decor with a method for organizing the mess on my desk.











What you will need:

1. Mason jar(s)

2. Metallic gold spray paint

3. Clear coat spray paint (optional)

4. Twine (optional)

5. 6-8 capped pens (per jar)

6. Faux flowers (1-2 bouquets)

7. Green floral tape

8. Wire cutters












1)   First, clean your mason jar. Flip the jar upside down on a covered surface (I put mine inside a cardboard box) and spray with the metallic spray paint. If you see a drip, wipe it and re-spray! You want the paint to look even and clean. Allow time to dry.












2)   While your mason jar is drying, use your wire cutters to cut each flower off of the bouquet. You should end up with about 6 separate flowers.









3)   Line up the bottom of one pen (flat) to right underneath the leaves on one flower. Tape with clear tape to keep steady.











4)   Next, wrap green floral tape around base of pen creating a spiral effect. This will be the part of the pen sticking out from the opening in the Mason jar so you want the pen to blend in with the bouquet. Tape all the way to bottom of pen until the two blend. Cut tape and pinch to seal. Repeat this step on about 5-6 pens.












5) Your finished pens should sit in a mason jar as so (I had an extra jar so I kept it around to make sure the flower-pens sat in the jar nicely):

6)   Optional step: If you are worried about the durability of your Mason jar, you can spray over the metallic paint with a clear coat. Although I did this step, I would not recommend it since the metallic spray paint already has a coat, which gives it its metallic look.

vase 1










6)   Once Mason jar has dried (24 hours), place your flower-pens in the jar and voila, you have a gorgeous pen jar for your work desk! This could be a great gift for someone you know who works in a dreary office or even a teacher’s gift!

vase 2

vase 3










Happy crafting!

Upcycle Team