DIY Wednesday: Upcycling Distressed Dressers

We have all seen those distressed, forgotten pieces of furniture sitting in Goodwill. Some disregard these old things while others, like myself, feel the need to hoard these end tables and dressers in hopes of restoring them on a rainy day! Well crafters, here is my first DIY furniture edition. I found this old dresser with indents and imperfections when I moved in about a year ago. I always planned to paint it but never knew what to do. Finally, I got some supplies and got to work. Restoring a wooden dresser isn’t as difficult as some may think.

Here is what you will need:
– 1 steel wool brush/pad
– 1 tacky cloth
– 1 drop cloth (or newspaper)
– small rollers (for as many colors as you will choose)
– small brushes (for as many colors as you will choose)
– paint colors of your choice (small containers)

First, you will take all the drawers out and knobs off the dresser and use the steel wool brush to smooth out all imperfections in the wood.

Once this is complete, use the tacky cloth (found at any hardware store), to clean off dresser. Since steel wool can leave behind small slivers, this type of cloth will be sure to get all of it off the wood.

Now, paint! Make sure you buy a paint/primer mix or use a primer base before adding color. This will ensure any forgotten bumps and dings will not be seen.

You may need several coats, I chose some very light colors and used about 3-4 coats for each color.

My color choice was made to match a tapestry hanging above the dresser. Unfortunately, it was a shade too light. I will be repainting the pink with a darker hue to get the desired look. So don’t fret if your colors don’t come out right, this is something you can change quickly!








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