DIY Wednesday: Decoupage Lamps…Thursday Edition!

After battling some technical difficulties, the DIY Wednesday post is back. I apologize for the delay, I’m sure many of you bloggers out there have experienced this scenario: write the whole blog and tags just to have the computer freeze and erase it! twice!! So, without further adieu, DIY decoupage lamps!

What you will need:

Mod Podge (store bought or home made: equal parts elmer’s glue & water) I prefer the store bought gloss finish mod podge

1 Medium Brush

Lamp Shade

Scraps paper, maps, memorabilia, etc -whatever you wish to decoupage! I chose to use some memorabilia:

Two Lamps- Two Themes -Vintage McCall’s Magazine from the 70s and a newspaper from the first day of the first ever US Tomorrowworld Festival.

Step 1:

If you have any sort of lip on the shade make sure to peel it back so that you have a smooth even surface to work with. Cut up any papers or articles you wish to use on the shade to appropriate size. 







Step 2: Begin applying Mod Podge to the shade-work in sections as it dries quickly. Be generous and use enough to get the first piece down.



Step 3: Lay the first piece down and mod podge over the top. Cover the piece completely but try to keep it smoothed out. Don’t worry if there are little creases, they usually smooth out when drying. Continue to mod podge until the lamp is covered.


Step 4: If you have excess hanging over the edge, either cut it to fit or smooth it over to the inside of the shade with mod podge.



Step 5: Let Dry and Viola! Enjoy your new fabulous lamps! Below are some pics of ouImage

ImageImage B



If you use gloss finish mod podge, these will dry to a nice shine finish!

Here is a little extra fun find: From the McCall’s magazine- an ad to tell readers that mannequins will be made to model real life women. Love it! Plump is Pretty! 



Happy Crafting! 


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