DIY Wednesday- DIY Crafty Wedding Gifts

I will be attending a wedding this weekend and although cash is my go-to gift, I like to add a little something extra for fun. The following step-by-step guide is for a fun and crafty wedding gift. This can also work for engagement parties, bridal showers, baby showers (replace booze with baby bottles!) etc. 



What you will need:

-bottles :I used the bride and grooms favorite beers (New Castle and Magners Cider)

-Scrap Black Fabric -for bowties

-White Tinsel Fabric-Wedding Isle of Michaels Craft Store

-Gold string

-Bride and Groom Bottle Covers-Wedding Isle of Michaels Craft Store


-Wooden Letter

-Glue Gun and Sticks


Step 1: The Cork Letter

Use a large wooden letter for a base and begin glueing corks in random pattern until filled.



Once you finish glueing your letter will be complete and take just a few moments to dry.



Step 2: The Grooms Bottles

I used one of the (6) bottles to put the grooms bottle cover over. The rest will be adorned with bowties.

1-scrunch the bow ties together


2- Place one string through the middle and tie one around to make the bow





3- Attach to bottle and voila! You have a new bow tie for your bottle. Repeat for each groom bottle in your basket.



Step 2: The Brides Bottles

1- Cut a piece of white tinsel fabric and place around bottle like a veil. (May need someone to hold while you tie it together)



2-Repeat for each of the brides bottles.


Step 3: Place together and voila! 

I put the bottles into each six pack to keep from moving around and placed into a basket. The bottles with the covers were placed higher than the rest and the Corked Name Letter was placed at the back. 





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