How To Chevron Paint DIY-Tutorial 3 Easy Steps

Happy Wedneday Bloggers!

I’ve seen a ton of how-to chevron tutorials on the web, and they all make it look so easy! Anyone whose ever attempted this knows, getting that design right can be difficult. I am going to show you my tutorial of how I chevron paint. For me, it’s not all about getting the lines to match perfectly across the surface you’re painting. It can drive a person wild laying down tape at all the precise angles. I decided to use the chevron design on my bedroom door but I didn’t focus on making all the lines straight. Instead, I had slight imperfections in the line up which I think made this design all the more unique and fun to wake up to every morning!! So let’s get started…


What you will need:

Paint- I used Martha Stewart Metallic Paints. 2-3 small containers you can find at your local Home Depot paint department.

Brushes- Two small paint brushes, 1 angled and 1 straight

Tape- Large (about 3 inch wide) Blue painters tape





Step 1:


Don’t forget to tape around the door to keep the final product looking neat! Paint the entire door with your base color. This will be your lighter color, the one that you will have be the focus of the chevron design. This could take several coats and possibly two bottles of your base color-depending on the size of the door.  Remember this is the color that will cover the entire door so you will need more.





Step 2:

DSC00604I waited a full day between layers to be sure the paint would not peel from adding the tape too early. Once it has dried, you can begin adding your tape. As you can see, not all my lines are identical-because it’s nearly impossible to do so without driving yourself crazy!! Don’t worry, make your lines the best you can…I promise it will look even better in the end!






Step 3:

DSC00605Add your second color! Be sure all the edges of the tape are air tight against the door. If there is an opening, you can bet paint will drip in and leave a nasty drip mark in the middle of your design. Be sure to paint sparingly, don’t cover the tape entirely, try to paint just over the end of the tape. Once it dries it will be hard enough to pull off without paint sealing it to the door completely.





Wait sufficient time, I know…you’re anxious! But peeling the tape off too early could also result in drip marks or uneven edges between colors. I waited another day before pulling it all off to reveal this fun door!!




Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! Good luck with your chevron creations!!


How-To DIY Chalkboard Paint Metal File Cabinets-Tax Season DIY Inspiration

With tax season vastly approaching and I attempt to organize all my paperwork, a lonely old file cabinet catches my eye. I picked up this dusty old thing a couple months ago with plans to make it fit in with my office. What better time to restore this cabinet than when it is needed most! I mistakenly erased my progress pictures but I will give a step by step of how-to go about fixing up and painting a metal cabinet. This tutorial doesn’t require excessive mod lodging, spending lots on materials, or any tools other than some tape and a paint brush! THIS IS FOR THE QUICK AND EASY DIY PROJECT SEEKERS!



What you will need:

Martha Stewart Texured Paint -This stuff is amazing and cheap! about $6 per container and you can buy everything form sparkly black to crackle paint!

1 small canister of chalkboard paint

BLUE brand painters tape-if you plan to paint the handles as I did, it helps to tape off to make it as clean as possible

2 small paint brushes-1 angled, 1 straight


The Before: Of course, I accidentally deleted my before picture, my apologies. But this cabinet was a dinged up black cabinet with coffee mug marks on the top-to give you a visual.

There were a couple dings on the side-looks like it was preyed open before they found the lock key! To fix dings like this in a metal cabinet, all you need is to hammer them out. If hammering leaves chips on metal, just use a light sandpaper to smooth out.

First we used the Martha Stewart Textured Metallic Lampblack paint to cover the sides, top, and front of cabinet. This paint dries fairly quickly and should be applied with a small brush.

Next, pull out the drawers and lay down the first coat of chalkboard paint. Once dried, apply a second coat-chalkboard paint can chip when used if the application is too thin.

Once the second layer dried we taped around the handles and painted them with Martha Steward Anchor Gray Metallic paint.

This is a pretty simple how-to paint project for anyone looking for a quick spruce up on bland office equipment!


DIY Quirky Studded Earrings-3 Simple Steps to Apply to Anything!

Just a few tutorials that are quick, easy, and fun! Each earring requires JUST 3 STEPS. You can make anything into a stud earring, here’s something to inspire those who are feeling the need to spice up their accessories.

What you will need:

-E-6000 Glue

-Stud Backings

-Earrings: two pieces of similar bismuth crystals, two matching buttons, two matching stud pieces

How to:

Let’s start with bismuth crystal studded earrings


Find two bismuth crystals similar in size. Grab a stud and some E-6000. Apply a small dab to the stud and press it to the crystal. Leave it to dry and be sure it doesn’t shift while drying! Easy as that!

Want some bold studded stud earrings? Here’s how:


Bend the tails of the stud inward as far as possible. Add a dab of E-6000 and attach stud backing!


I think you get the picture! Find something AWESOME that you want to rock, grab some stud backings and some E-6000 and VOILA! New earrings! We also made button earrings using some fancy vintage buttons. Below are all of the final pics of the earrings! Happy Crafting!


Runway to Walkway-How to Style Like the Stars in Everyday Life

What better way to kick off our newest category posts, “Runway to Walkway” than with a tribute to the Golden Globes!

We are constantly seeing runway fashions, couture gowns, and gorgeous designer creations on television and the web; the problem is that these amazing creations aren’t suitable for everyday wear. Why should we have to keep the couture reserved for the rich and famous and special events? I think there are plenty of things we can take away from the designs coming off the runway to inspire our everyday attire. This post will show the ways we think runway fashion can be recreated in everyday attire through simple mixing and matching or adding some simple DIY ideas to add some swag to your step.

Todays focus? Golden Globes:

Zooey Deschanel rocked this fabulous Oscar De La Renta dress at this years Golden Globes. We love the cream color and the springtime feel that this dress has.


Now, how to make this runway look work for your everyday life? Here are a couple ideas of how to incorporate the feel of this dress in your attire:


This top from H&M jumped out at us when thinking of the runway gown. The cream colored embroidered blouse is elegant and appropriate for the office or a night out! Pair it with cream pants or shorts with some beige heels.

-This top can be found here :

If you’re a fan of the tulle than we think a long tulle skirt paired with a beige cap sleeve crop would serve you best!

You can find tulle skirts almost anywhere and in a variety of lengths. We love the floor length tulle skirt to match this look, you can find one similar here: *Dancing Through Life Tulle Maxi Skirt In Cream*

Got some ideas for this outfit? Share with us here!