The Upcycle Story


Upcycle is an online store focused on reinventing the way we style. We focus on consignments, vintage, and renewing previously loved fashions to create new products. Most of our things were discovered scouring the depths of the most obscure consignment bins and rummaging through piles of vintage finds. All of this to find the most promising garments for reinvention! Most vintage things are preserved and resold, select items are used to create new garments of a more desirable kind, and excess materials are recycled to create jewelry and more! We have discovered everything from fur coats to pillbox hats to plaid and checkered pants. Our jewelry is made from broken vintage pieces and other recycled resources-they can be found on our Etsy store.

This blog will show fashions we love, great finds we acquire, projects we do, tips on reinventing, and just an all around guide on how to be environmentally savvy AND fashionable while staying unique with your wardrobe!’



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