DIY Quirky Studded Earrings-3 Simple Steps to Apply to Anything!

Just a few tutorials that are quick, easy, and fun! Each earring requires JUST 3 STEPS. You can make anything into a stud earring, here’s something to inspire those who are feeling the need to spice up their accessories.

What you will need:

-E-6000 Glue

-Stud Backings

-Earrings: two pieces of similar bismuth crystals, two matching buttons, two matching stud pieces

How to:

Let’s start with bismuth crystal studded earrings


Find two bismuth crystals similar in size. Grab a stud and some E-6000. Apply a small dab to the stud and press it to the crystal. Leave it to dry and be sure it doesn’t shift while drying! Easy as that!

Want some bold studded stud earrings? Here’s how:


Bend the tails of the stud inward as far as possible. Add a dab of E-6000 and attach stud backing!


I think you get the picture! Find something AWESOME that you want to rock, grab some stud backings and some E-6000 and VOILA! New earrings! We also made button earrings using some fancy vintage buttons. Below are all of the final pics of the earrings! Happy Crafting!



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