How-To Make a Cork Mirror Chalk Board: DIY Project Wednesday

Here’s a fun little snow day project for anyone looking to make their own cork/chalk board. Perfect for the kitchen (where I plan to use mine!), an office, dorm room, bathroom, or wherever! The best part of this is it requires minimal time/expertise & you can be as creative as you wish.

Difficulty level: Easy

Time Needed: About 1-2 Hours depending on how creative you want to be

What you will need:

(1) Mirror – any size/shape (I used an old mirror that was in pretty bad shape)

(1) glue gun -About 3-5 glue gun sticks depending on how many corks you wish to use

(40-50) Corks- Again, depends on how big you want your cork board, I used 41. Start cracking open that wine!

Chalkboard Paint & 1 sml. Brush

(1) Roll Blue Painters Tape

Lets Begin!

First you want to tape around the mirror, block off the parts you don’t want to accidentally get chalkboard paint on. If you want to do your chalkboard paint in a design, use the painters tape to create a custom design!








I chose to make the end of the board in a wavy form. I also wanted to keep some mirror showing so decided to place my corks in an unusual pattern. I actually love this way more than the traditional half cork/half chalk tutorials you see online. Don’t be afraid to shape your corks however you wish! You won’t lose the function and you will add something different!










Let dry and your board is complete! The wooden frame of this was scratched up so I decided to paint some vines up the sides! (using acrylic paints) Here’s the final product:




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